The basis of our belief

The Word of God
and loyalty to
The British Crown

Bible & Crown

The Loyal Orange Institution is a world wide Brotherhood which exists for the establishment and preservation of Civil and Religious Liberty and for the Protestant Religion. The Loyal Orange Institution is a sovereign and autonomous unit of this Brotherhood.

The Institution remains resolute in its support for the Laws and Constitution of these Realms as established by King William III of Glorious Memory.

We are a Christian and Protestant nation, yet do not seek to deny those of other faiths the freedom to practice their religion. We believe the Protestant Monarchy is necessary to maintain this arrangement.

The Constitution is that of an independant sovereign nation. The Crown in Parliament has been our supreme authority since the Glorious Revolution and we intend that it remains so. Today the main threat to our independance comes from attempts to set up a European super state, and although valuing good relations with our neighbours, we will never submit to foreign rule.

We continue to support the historic unity of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which has been inestimable value to the people of these islands and the world at large. We oppose all attempts by Irish Republicans to take over Northern Ireland and give all support possible to our Countrymen there in opposing Republican propaganda.

We believe in the Rule of Law, without which civilization cannot exist. Standards of behaviour and respect for the Law have fallen alarmingly, and we call upon those in power to themselves abide by standards of decency and law-makers to give no ground to those who wish to destroy our codes of Protestant behaviour.

We are united further for the defence of our own persons and property, and maintenance of the public peace.

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Northern Ireland
New Zealand