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Revolution House is situated in Old Whittington near Chesterfield (about 10 miles from Sheffield). It is designated as a Grade 1 listed building of 'national historic importance' by English Heritage.

It is a 16th century former inn, The Cock and Pynot (Magpie). Nowadays, It takes it’s name from the `Glorious Revolution’ of 1688/89 which totally altered the course of our island history and laid the firm democratic foundations for the future of England and it’s people.

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It was central to the `bloodless revolution’ which changed the order of succession and saw the Catholic King James 2nd deposed in favour of the Protestant King William of Orange.

It was used as a `plotting parlour’ by the conspirators who met there in the spring of 1688. Three noblemen on horseback met on Whittington Moor, but heavy rain forced them to take shelter at the village inn, so they rode up the hill to the Cock & Pynot, then a wayside alehouse on the old Chesterfield to Sheffield road.

They were William Cavendish the 4th Earl of Devonshire, Lord Delamere, John D’Arcy, and the Earl of Danby. They conspired to take the north, and then march south against the king, and they put their plans in a letter, signed it and sent it to the Hague, inviting William of Orange to assume the Crown of England.

In 1988 on the 300th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution and to celebrate the complete refurbishment, Prince Charles was in attendance. This is recognised on a plaque outside.

Today The Revolution House is a Museum owned & managed by Chesterfield Borough Council. I can strongly recommend a visit. The staff are very friendly and helpful. A short film show tells the story of 'The Bloodless Revolution. As with most council owned attractions these days, funding is always under scrutiny so please offer your support by visiting.

High Street (B6052), Old Whittington,Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Telephone (01246) 345727

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Members of LOL844 and their families pictured at Revolution House