L.O.L.844 First World War

An Article from The Orange Standard, December 1914 issue following the outbreak of War.

Lodge Reports John E. Bingham L.O.L. 844

Good attendance at usual monthly meeting, Bro. W. Sykes presided. Bro W. Creswiok, D.M. Scripture read Malachi 3. Another new Bro. received. Bro. W. A. Croft suggested travelling certificate for youngest member of Lodge who has joined City Battalion of Lord Kitchener's Army. W.M. proposed that the young brother should be excused all dues during period of service. The young brother made a brief but gracious and aptly expressed response to the general expressions of goodwill.

An Article from The Orange Standard, November 1916


High tribute was paid to the memory of a recently deceased local brother at the October meeting of the above lodge. Grand Lodge Reports were to hand and were very favourably commented upon as being excellently compiled and produced. The brethren agreed to share one half the cost incurred by the W.M. in assisting a 1ocal Orange family in need, the other half being met by the Female Lodge. An excellent impression was created by the cheerful and courageous letter received from the youthful Bro Longden, who has seen considerable service in France. Goodnews was received from relatives of members of the lodge now serving. Good accounts were given of the progress of a Portadown Brother lying wounded in a local hospital. The meeting was closed with the usual prayer.